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How do I crack CSIR NET life sciences?

The other answers here are really good and I may not repeat their points so I strongly recommend reading them as well.

From my experience, I would suggest that students preparing for CSIR UGC NET JRF EXAMINATION should -

1) Focus on their concepts and fundamentals primarily and understand the topics well than simply mugging up everything. Not everyone can learn everything so one has to select the topics one is good at and perfect them first accordingly and so on.

2) Practice lots of questions (MCQs) topic-wise pertaining to CSIR, GATE, IISC, JNU, etc as they help in strengthening the understanding of concepts and helps save time in understanding the question on exam day. In this way, one is able to understand beforehand the tricks and twists in the questions which may otherwise lead to silly mistakes.

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3) One should be careful about their strategy during exams. Since it involves 25% negative marking for each wrong answer, one has to be extremely cautious in selecting questions and answering them. Do not answer every question rather only the ones that one is confirmed and confident of being correct to prevent negative marking. Still, one can take a chance of attempting a wrong answer if uncertain in Section B where it carries 2 marks for each correct answer compared to Section C which carries 4 marks for each correct answer. So if an answer goes wrong in Section C, 1 mark gets deducted and it will hurt the overall score badly compared to Sections A and B where only 0.5 marks is lost.

4) Make the most of the 3 hours of examination and utilize this time wisely. One should give their best efforts as much as possible. Begin from Section B then move onto Section C and try to improve the score by attempting some questions in Section A as it really gives a bonus. One should not give up during the exam and try to attempt as many questions as possible correctly. (One cannot gauge the threshold score beforehand so one should aim to maximize their score as much as possible. Many students fail to qualify because of this mistake.) Remember it is a competitive examination. One should attempt all the easy questions first that one is confirmed and confident of then spend time on the less easy ones. It is not necessary to attempt all 35/50 questions in Section B and all 25/75 questions in Section C if one is uncertain that all answers to be correct. Instead even 17-20 questions in Section C will suffice if they are done correctly.

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5) Remove any kind of fear and negativity pertaining to the exam. Be confident to clear the exam. It is actually one of the easiest examinations because of the vast range of questions one has the opportunity to choose from. This really makes the exam very scoring and simple, unlike any other exam.

6) Lastly but importantly, one must never underestimate the power of prayers, meditation, and physical activity with a balanced diet during the course of preparation. It helps improve memory, concentration, stamina, and understanding.

Good luck and Best Wishes!!!

I'll be happy to take any questions pertaining to this.

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